Volume 95, Issue 85
Thursday, March 14, 2002
Bubblegum Boss
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USC budget approved
Met with kudos, no debate

Following a unanimous vote at last night's University Students' Council meeting, the 2002/2003 USC budget was passed.

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NDP: no more taxes for 'Aunt Flo'

The national New Democratic Party wants the GST lifted from feminine hygiene products because they say the tax discriminates against women.

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UBC tuition may rise
Shocked students hug trees

Tuition fees are expected to rise by more than 300 per cent for UBC's masters of business administration program – one of several anticipated fee hikes at the school.

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Union boss talks labour at Western

There is no one quite like a union boss to generate some controversy with a crowd.

Speaking yesterday at Western's faculty of law, Buzz Hargrove discussed labour relations in the new economy, criticizing free trade and the provincial government for damaging the Canadian economy.

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ŠPat CourtisGazette
THESE COME IN MENTHOL? Kristen Dew, a second-year social science student, shops for her - uh - feminine needs. In related news, the Women's Issues Network will unveil a menstruation soup to make people more comfortable with "you know what."

Scents and sensibility: the world of perfume

The wonder and mystery of attraction has fascinated people for centuries. But what causes people to gravitate towards some individuals and run away from others?

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Mustangs look to exorcise the demons in Halifax

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get out your dancin' shoes – it's time for the year-end ball.

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