Volume 95, Issue 86

Friday, March 15, 2002
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IMS gets some student lovin'

Recombobulator? I barely touched her!

IMS gets some student lovin'

Re: "Intramurally screwed over," Mar. 12

To the Editor:

OK, so John Kyle may have a very good point – bureaucracy and administration shouldn't dictate our fun in sport, especially since we pay "good money" for this fun!

But what Kyle failed to mention is the other side of the tale – the amazing job and hard work that Intramural Sports staff put into their work so we can even have an intramural league.

IMS staff here at Western are, for the most part, full-time students getting paid a decent wage to plan a lot of athletic action. For example, go to Oakland University in Michigan (as the IMS crew did to get training and resources to improve UWO sports) and you will quickly see Western IMS staff are working with a small resource pool, minimal staff and skimpy budget compared to our American neighbours.

The amount of time put into planning a league is massive and is something that takes talent. Making a playoff schedule that pleases all is an even larger challenge that will inevitably be met with conflict.

Kyle is right – more flexibility should be built in. But the resources are not there and the short seasons don't permit much movement. The reality is we are all students working foremost to get our education. The refs, the co-ordinators and the athletes all have other things to do.

The schedules are there, you play the games – this isn't the Olympics, but if it were, I doubt complaining about the time of your game would get you very far.

So basically we have an educated group of hard working IMS staff who are also students, busting their butts to get work done on the side – something has got to give.

What is that?

I don't think it needs to be the athletes losing games or being 'forced' to forfeit leagues, but I think there is a need for an increased understanding of the fact that organizing intramural schedules around spring break is not the only thing these guys do.

Just to add a personal note, as the roommate of one of the co-ordinators, I was most upset not by the lack of rescheduling efforts, but by the dozens of messages left daily on our machine to return calls, explain rules, change games, fill in for no-show staff and, yes, reschedule games.

Might I also add, as a team captain myself, my contentment with the work my sports co-ordinator did, a feeling shared by most but obviously not all of the team captains I talked to.

No hard feelings though Kyle. I hope your team wins the exhibition game planned by your co-ordinator next week.

Shannon L. Madden

Off-campus Advisor Co-ordinator

Health Sciences IV

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