Volume 95, Issue 86

Friday, March 15, 2002
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Knights get new digs: OHL hockey moves downtown

Gazette Sports top five

Sports Briefs

Gazette Sports top five

By Jordan Bell
Gazette Staff

Beth Kerim/Gazette
I WISH I WOULD STOP NAMING THE BIRDIE - I GET TOO ATTACHED. Is the badminton squad one of the teams at Western that really whoops ass? You bet.

The Hockey News is probably kicking themselves right now in lieu of their ballsy selection of the Western Mustangs as the most dominant hockey team in the world. Did they ever notice a certain Motor City squad?

Nonetheless, the idea of ranking teams is compelling. Therefore, in the spirit of purple pride, I have set out to create the ultimate list of the top five squads on Western's campus in 2001-2002.

# 5: Men's hockey team

The kings of the ice began the season as quite possibly the greatest team in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, when push came to shove and the Mustangs were forced to bear down in the playoffs, the competition brutally exposed their fatal flaws, specifically an inability to show up for big games.

The team definitely has a chance to prove me wrong come championship time and I will eagerly await the result.

# 4: Squash team

The squash team doesn't receive much love from the press, but they have quietly thrown together an enviable legacy.

The squad continued their dominance this year, gaining the Ontario University Athletics championship for the eighteenth straight year – and that's no misprint.

# 3: Men's basketball team

They're ballin' and shot-callin' their way into Halifax this weekend as the number one seed in the country and are many prognosticators' pick for the championship.

The squad combines a sweet mix of youth and experience. Andy Kwiatkowski and Jimmy Grozelle are poetry in motion, while Chedo Ndur, Chris Brown and Adam Peaker provide a gritty punch.

Just imagine if this team had injured Nick Salomons and Mark Porte in the lineup.

# 2: Women's track and field team

The golden girls of track were absolutely phenomenal at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships this year, coming home with the hardware.

The team was led by the Kates – Vermuelen and Forbes. Vermuelen is a lighting bolt while Forbes throws big balls obscene distances.

Add Vickie Croley's sound coaching to the mix and you have yourselves a championship contender for years to come.

# 1: Badminton team

The badminton squad is downright nasty.

I would be singin' to the moon while wallowing away in the London Psychiatric Hospital right now if I had to compete against them this year.

Bill Mason's mercenaries smashed, stepped on, humiliated and completely demolished their competition this year – never once being threatened by an opposing team.

The Mustangs currently own a 56 match winning streak and are the OUA champions. Unfortunately, there are no Canadian championships for badminton, which is a fortunate thing for the rest of the universities in Canada.

Honourable mention: The Gazette football team

When this multi-talented squad dons their helmets their attack is picturesque. Just ask the University Student's Council, who were sent back to the shantys they came from earlier this year.

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