Volume 95, Issue 87

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
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Why do Israelis vote Sharon?


John Kyle: intramurally asking for it!

Why do Israelis vote Sharon?

To the Editor:

Deviant acts always puzzle members of the human species. Most of us distinguish clearly between a behaviour that is harmful and destructive and one that is pleasing and constructive.

The most puzzling thing about harmful acts, in my opinion, is that they happen. Nobody has ever claimed, for instance, that speeding on the highway is good for society, but still, people do it.

On a more disturbing level, we are all brought up knowing that stealing is bad. Nevertheless, thefts happen. And yet we are able to tolerate people who speed, steal, distort our image, etc. and harm us.

But what about the intolerable acts of racism, murder, genocide, occupation, war, etc.? How can they happen, be tolerated and, in some instances, be supported?

What is happening in Palestine right now is puzzling, precisely because it is happening. What is obvious to all of us is that peace is better than war and life is better than death.

Yet, it seems those with the most say on the ground (the Israeli government) are deliberately seeking negative acts and destruction. The Sharon government is now promoting instability, violence and destruction in the whole Middle East region.

It is crystal clear that the Sharon government came to end peace and restart the torches of war, promote hatred and humiliate the Palestinian people.

Why do the peace-loving Israeli people elect such a government and continue to support it?

What is puzzling is that the civilized world tolerates, defends and supports such a government. To see such a government cause harm, damage and death to both Palestinians and Israelis and to see it continue to survive defies all logic.

This is really the point I'm trying to make: nonsense prevails over sense, illogic over logic, but illogic and nonsense still get support.

Issam El-Hourani

Administrative and Commercial Studies III

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