Volume 95, Issue 87

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
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Re: "Christ is res-erected" cartoon, Mar. 14

To the Editor:

If an article or cartoon wrongly depicted or ridiculed, say, the Jewish or Muslim communities on campus, everyone would cry blue murder – and with good reason.

Discrimination is unfair, misrepresentation is unjust and it would be downright unpolitical to make such a brazen attack. However, no one seems to think twice when Christians are either ignored by the press, are the victims of uninformed reporting or are the brunt of some crass and impertinent cartoon.

I understand that The Gazette, in order to remain impartial and for reasons of space, cannot possibly be expected to cover every event on campus. I also am well aware of the difficulties the media has in regards to correctly and fairly representing issues of faith and spirituality.

But what I do not accept is bias and blatant disrespect from a paper that owes it to the student body it serves to remain impartial. Running the latest addition in this trend, the "His Royal Mintiness" cartoon and during Christ Awareness week at that, was not only lacking in objectivity, respect and ethics, but also class.

Such a low form of prejudice, cartoon or article, would never be printed mocking Mohammed or the Holocaust, especially not during Islam or Israel Awareness events.

Maybe Christians make easy targets because of certain extremist groups or because of our general adherence to non-violence.

But just because we turn the other cheek doesn't give others the right to kick us in the teeth.

Sarah Schlote

English/French IV

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