Volume 95, Issue 87

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
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John Kyle: intramurally asking for it!

John Kyle: intramurally asking for it!

Re: "Intramurally screwed over," Mar. 12

To the Editor:

John Kyle raises one important point in his letter – the facilities utilized for intramural programming are extremely overburdened.

We share all of the facility space on campus with recreational activities, other student groups, intercollegiate athletics and a host of others. Intramural participation alone involves over half the student population, involving over 800 teams.

We do not arrange our playoff schedules to accommodate other user groups. We are flexible and sympathetic to demands on students time. Our policy to reschedule games is very clear: two weeks notice for pre-planned events – which his was – and two days notice for emergencies (which we may not be able to accommodate).

Kyle's excuse to miss his game was not given to the co-ordinator in time to make other arrangements. Numerous other participants re-arrange their schedules to accommodate game times, especially during playoffs.

This is by no means an ideal situation, however, the majority of participants understand that we are seriously constrained by the lack of adequate facility space to accommodate the high number of user groups.

Kyle is not one of those individuals. Kyle was aware of our policy of two weeks notification for planned events and he thought two days before reading week would be sufficient.

Unfortunately I cannot control the fact that Kyle is upset by our decision to stand by our policy, but I am grateful the majority of other participants seem to understand the stress on our overburdened facilities.

Jennifer Myers

Sports Co-ordinator – Western Campus Recreation

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