Volume 95, Issue 87

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
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USC's future so bright, may have to wear shades

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USC's future so bright, may have to wear shades

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council presented its plans for world domination at last Wednesday's council meeting with the introduction of their long-term strategic plan.

"It is my great pleasure to introduce this document, which began as a mere campaign idea and has now flourished into a living, breathing vision for the USC for years to come," USC president Mike Lawless writes in the document's introduction.

"This document is not step-by-step instructions to a successful council. Rather, it is a plan that will need to be built upon by our successors through the addition of their vision," he writes.

Part one of the plan focuses on students, with an emphasis on the USC providing involvement opportunities to as many students as possible, creating a community atmosphere at Western and recognizing the diversity of Western's student population.

USC general manager Mark Sellars presented the plan's section on finances and business, which focuses on eliminating the deficit and reducing the council's annual cash flow shortage to zero.

"Financial stability can only be achieved if student governance has the self-discipline to allow cost of inflation increases to student fees in the short-term," the plan states.

There are separate sections in the strategic plan dealing with council and USC permanent staff, as well as a list of contributors.

"It's very easy for an organization to fall into the trap of thinking on an annual basis," said USC president-elect Chris Sinal, stressing the importance of the document.

"With the strategic plan, both the board and council have an ability to think for many years in the future so that we cannot only help students at the university today, but also the students who will come here in the future," Sinal said.

"In the coming year, council and students are going to see action by the USC on many issues raised in the strategic plan."

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