Volume 95, Issue 88

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
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And now, the fancy science talkin' gal

Progressive Conservatives not pro-student?

Big thanks to the Western community!

Progressive Conservatives not pro-student?

Re: "Tories plot to infiltrate student government," Mar. 15

To the Editor:

The Gazette printed a provocative piece detailing how the Ontario Progressive Conservative party is infiltrating students' councils around Ontario.

If students and people of Ontario think this is an isolated attempt to get in touch with students with a provincial election on the horizon, they are sadly mistaken. The PC party has long since stopped acting in the best interest of students and citizens.

Certainly, the PC party is going to start scrounging for support and deflecting the evidence against them. What better example to illustrate this than the hallmark of Canadian identity – health care.

You can mark my words, health care will be the number one issue of discussion by provincial party leaders.

The truth is we have been spending less, not more, on medicare over the past decade. The pertinent yardstick is health care spending as a percentage of our gross domestic product (GDP).

The Canadian Institute of Health Information has documented a decline from 6.9 per cent in 1991/92 to 6.1 per cent in 1999/2000. Health care spending has not soared out of control as we might be led to believe.

The bottom line is I will consider endorsing a private health care system when the lies cease, the funding is recovered and the hospitals are well-staffed and opened.

On second thought, in light of the fact that it is well-documented that private health care is grossly more inefficient, I say drop the notion of private health care.

While we are at it, drop the PC party too.

Brad MacIntosh

Medical Biophysics M.Sc. 2001

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