Volume 95, Issue 88
Wednesday, March 20, 2002
T minus 10
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Laurier Tory took small 'bonus'
'Not meant to be public information'

One student member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party admitted yesterday to receiving funding from the Tory's Millennium Leadership Fund to aid in her recent election campaign.

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Grad students consider bus pass

Graduate students at Western are voting online this week to determine if a mandatory universal bus pass should be implemented.

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Fanshawe builds giant crib to protect students

A temporary chain-link fence has been erected by Fanshawe College officials in an attempt to prevent students from jaywalking across Oxford Street.

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Students' councils losing cash - literally

Western's students' councils are being advised to keep closer tabs on office access following a recent cash theft from the Education Students' Council – the third council to experience theft by suspected insiders this year.

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ŠNiru Somayajula/Gazette
THEY WOULD KEEP PLAYING BAG TAG UNTIL ONE OF THEM WAS STERILE - IT WAS A MATTER OF HONOUR. Fourth-year administrative and commercial studies student Aunish Mehta (left) and fourth-year psychology student Matt Woo partook in one of the traditions of manhood Tuesday.

Bad Religion older than God and twice the punk

"We might die onstage, you never know. I mean, we're already older than God," jokes Brian Baker, guitarist for the grandfathers of punk, Bad Religion.

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Wrestling's a religion - "because Minto says so."

When I was very young, I was faced with a decision that would affect my entire life – go to church or sit on the couch in my pygamas and watch the World Wrestling Federation.

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