Volume 95, Issue 89

Thursday, March 21, 2002
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Leave TV alone

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Leave TV alone

Re: "That's Mr. Harddrive to you, floppy," Mar.12

To the Editor:

Ryan Heney wishes he got TV Western scrapped during his tenure as an arts councillor on the University Students' Council. It's a good thing he didn't attempt such a shortsighted proposal. Heney considers TV Western to be "a waste of student money," to whom it is "of no value."

For years, TV Western has provided valuable experience to hundreds of student volunteers who use this experience to pursue careers in broadcasting, as well as other fields. TV Western also produces videos for student events, as well as providing free advertising to student organizations.

This is just a small sampling of the benefits TV Western provides for just a few dollars out of the hundreds paid in students fees.

Most students realize that while they may not be affected by every organization funded by student fees, every organization affects students. It is by pooling our resources that we manage to have such a diverse range of activities on campus. If only Heney had a little vision.

TV Western may currently have a limited viewing audience, but work is being done to bring it to the community-at-large. Just look at TV Western's sister station, CHRW. Twenty years ago, CHRW 94.7FM was only available in Saugeen-Maitland Hall – an extremely limited audience. After struggling through many attempts to kill CHRW, it is now considered the best campus radio station in Canada.

There has been a lot of discussion recently about improving Western's image in the community. Having a campus television station accessible to the public would be a huge boon to Western's reputation. TV Western is, in fact, extremely underfunded.

So, instead of complaining about a resource you don't properly understand, why not visit Rm. 266 University Community Centre to find out why the rest of the USC considers TV Western valuable to students.

John Kyle

TV Western Volunteer

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