Volume 95, Issue 89

Thursday, March 21, 2002
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PCs would never do that

Re: "Tories plot to infiltrate student government," Mar. 15

To the Editor:

No member of the University of Western Ontario Progressive Conservative Association received any money from Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association "Millennium Leadership Fund" and yet it was implied that many candidates did.

The UWOPC Association and its members respect democracy, the election rules of the University Students' Council and the spirit of student politics. We do not believe student organizations like the USC should be the home to partisan party politics, but that they should strive to act on behalf of the students they represent.

USC president-elect Chris Sinal repeated many times in his presidential campaign that clubs are agents of the USC and it is through clubs that most students come in contact with the USC.

As a club that gets so much from our affiliation with the USC, we believe it is our duty to give back whenever we can and we believe that encouraging students to participate in the USC election process by voting, volunteering and running is one of the best contributions we can make.

To ensure that as many people would run as wanted to run, we sought to support our members and relieve some of the pressure and intimidation of standing for election. We offered our members a hand in the door with encouragement, consultation and logistical and moral support.

I am proud of my involvement on this year's UWOPC Association executive and of everything I did helping our members to participate in the USC elections.

Sean Kennedy

UWOPC Association Elections Readiness Officer

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