Volume 95, Issue 89

Thursday, March 21, 2002
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Don't 'Res-erect' Jesus in comics

Don't 'Res-erect' Jesus in comics

Re: "His Royal Mintiness comic – Christ is Res-erected," Mar. 14

To the Editor:

On Thursday Mar. 14, 2002, I picked up The Gazette and on the second page was a comic that makes a mockery of Jesus Christ. It completely blasphemes the name of Jesus Christ.

As a Christian, I found this comic extremely offensive. A newspaper has a duty to be as objective and unbiased as it can be, regardless of how significant or insignificant its size or stature.

Just because this paper primarily targets university students does not mean it can get away with publishing whatever material it so desires. I find it very difficult to believe your paper would publish comics of this nature when poking fun at other religions.

Would you publish comics about the Muslim faith or Buddhist religion? Not that I want this, but my point is simply that Christianity is often the target of jokes. However, other religions are never targeted.

I would greatly appreciate it if better judgement and discretion would be used next time, especially at this time of year when Easter – a Christian holiday where we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – is only two weeks away.

Justin Temple

Political Science II

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