Volume 95, Issue 89
Thursday, March 21, 2002
Late morning
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It's official: London 'all mixed up'

Canada prides itself on being multicultural, but an attempt to celebrate diversity here in London has caused quite a "mix" of controversy.

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Malaise at Dalhousie University

A malaise has settled over the student body at Dalhousie University in Halifax, where a faculty strike is nearing the end of its third straight week.

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Meningitis death causes fear

A recent death in Ingersoll, suspected to have been caused by meningococcal disease, has caused panic in neighbouring Oxford County communities.

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Colleges get funding to play 'tradesies

Despite the financial troubles faced by Ontario's universities, colleges will be benefiting from government investment to increase Ontario's skilled labour force.

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Matt Prince/Gazette

MY CULTURE CAN DRINK THIS MANY BEERS, HOW MANY CAN YOURS DRINK? Although it may look like they're counting beer caps, second-year administrative and commercial studies student Shamus Tseng and fourth-year engineering student C.C. Poon were actually playing Chinese checkers.


İMatt Prince/Gazette
SO BASICALLY, IF I WERE A LOBSTER, I'D ATTACK YOU LIKE THIS... VP-campus issues Sera Vavala was serving up a bit of international flavour at The Wave on Tuesday as part of festivities for the Cultural Caravan.

Alumni Adventures: we don't all end up failures

Ron Rivlin - new hope for sociology graduates
Paul Wells - from chemist to National newsman


Will Western drink from the University Cup?

A hush falls over the crowd, two mighty gladiators meet face to face at centre ice, the puck drops and pandemonium is unleashed.

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