Volume 95, Issue 90

Friday, March 22, 2002
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Beatlemania hits campus

By Maggie Wrobel
Gazette Staff

An afternoon with Dr. Mike and The Beatles – a student couldn't ask for more.

That is exactly what will be taking place this Saturday at 2 p.m. in Middlesex College, when Western's renowned psychology professor Mike Atkinson co-hosts a presentation entitled "The Psychology of The Beatles."

The show offers a number of perspectives on the history and music of the "Fab Four," Atkinson explained, including his personal take on the psychological effects that The Beatles had on society during the height of their popularity.

"The presentation deals with people and psychology, not just music," Atkinson said. "I want to show how a musical group came to generate a social movement."

Atkinson said the presentation will also examine the concept of "Beatlemania" – the feverish reaction that The Beatles induced in so many young fans.

Music will play an integral part in Saturday's presentation. Atkinson's co-presenter, Western music professor Jim Grier, has an extensive background in many musical styles.

In addition, Western modern languages professor and jazz musician Oliver Whitehead will perform Beatles' songs on guitar, with vocals by Sonja Gustafson and Stephen Holowitz on the piano.

"A live performance is real music taking place in real time," Whitehead said. "It allows us to alter some of the arrangements and create versions of the songs that people have never heard before."

The timeless quality of The Beatles' music is partly what drew Whitehead to perform at the event. "[They] created well-written, well-crafted songs that can be enjoyed again and again," he explained.

"A lot of their music is still being played today," he said. "Their albums still go gold and platinum and a lot of people are only just discovering their music for the first time."

Bruce Johnson, vice-president of the London chapter of the Western Alumni Association, will emcee the show. Johnson said he is looking forward to a large turnout for the event. "It has been exciting to watch the interest growing for this presentation."

Johnson, who produced and directed the presentation, said he organized it to raise money for Alumni Western's Scholarship Fund and raise awareness of the alumni association.

"Our primary objective for the event is to put money in the Scholarship Fund for needy students," he said.

Atkinson agreed the show will appeal to a wide variety of people, but was hesitant to name his favorite Beatle. "To me, The Beatles were a group. Part of their appeal to me was that they were one of the first bands to be seen as a group," he said.

Every John, Paul, George and/or Ringo aficionados should report to Rm. 110 of Middlesex College at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Tickets are $10 and are available at the Alumni Hall Box Office, The Madrigal Classical Record Shop (620 Richmond St.) or by phone at 661-2199.

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