Volume 95, Issue 90

Friday, March 22, 2002
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Peace beats war, life beats death


Peace beats war, life beats death

Re: "Why do Israelis vote Sharon," Mar. 19

To the Editor:

We agree with El-Hourani that peace is better than war and life is better than death. Therefore, we find it astounding that El-Hourani makes no mention of the acts of terror and mass murder committed by Palestinian fundamentalists.

Nearly every day for the last 17 months, young Palestinians have strapped explosives to their bodies and walked into crowded areas with the intent of killing as many Israelis as possible.

How can El-Hourani write about peace and life while ignoring these blatant acts of terror? There is no greater violation of peace and life than blowing up innocent teenagers in a mall or a nightclub.

It is absurd to say that Israel is seeking its own destruction through its retaliatory measures. Could the same be said about the United States in its response to the horror of Sept. 11?

El-Hourani has conveniently forgotten that terrorism by Palestinian militants has existed since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, long before Prime Minister Sharon was elected.

One other aspect of El-Hourani's letter requires a response. He refers to the state of Israel as "Palestine." I challenge El-Hourani to find a country called "Palestine" on a map.

There simply is no such place.

Palestine does not exist. While a Palestinian state may well be established in the future, it does not exist at present. Furthermore, use of the word "Palestine" to refer to the State of Israel and its territories is indicative of El-Hourani's refusal to recognize Israel's existence as a legitimate state.

This is both ignorant and unproductive. How can Israel be expected to make peace with people who do not even recognize its right to exist?

Shauna Silver

Law II

Anatoly Dvorkin

Law II

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