Volume 95, Issue 90
Friday, March 22, 2002
Oral consequences
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Film festival fiasco
Director miffed at supposed snub

Fierce debate amongst student filmmakers regarding last Saturday's University of Western Ontario Film Festival has resulted in a roundtable discussion – a last ditch attempt to ease the tension within Western's film community.

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Legal beagles chase their tails
Discuss the profession's future leaders

Western's legal minds held their first-ever leadership discussion last night, in hopes of discovering how the real world works after graduation.

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Caravan of culture rolls through atrium

"Jambo Habari Yako?" is the Swahili greeting you would have heard at the Kenadian Club's booth at this week's Cultural Caravan in the University Community Centre atrium.

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French knight forges community bond

Increasing concerns about the imminent double cohort were quelled Wednesday night as Western made the trip downtown to Galleria London for the university's "Community Connection."

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
ROCK STAR HAIR IS GOOD FOR KEEPING WARM IN THE WINTER AND GETTING IN THE GAZETTE TWICE A WEEK. Even a freak snow storm Thursday couldn't prevent our photographers from finding this week's poster boy Avnish Mehta.


Story proves the West Side is the best side

Musical theatre might not be for everyone. But a great soundtrack, a couple of good fight scenes and a tragic love story seem to be popular on the big screen – so why not try the same on the smaller stage?

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