Volume 95, Issue 90

Friday, March 22, 2002
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I'm no humourless bible-thumper!

Peace beats war, life beats death


I'm no humourless bible-thumper!

Re: "His Royal Mintiness," Mar. 14

To the Editor:

On Mar. 14, The Gazette printed a comic depicting Jesus Christ post-coitus, rearing to go for another round in the sack.

While the graphics editors may find it a cute play on words to manipulate His Resurrection into "His Res-Erection," the image and message portrayed can still be construed as borderline offensive.

Though I do not wish to label myself a humourless Bible-thumper, I find it discouraging that a student publication cannot respect religious figures and institutions that deserve to have their sanctity maintained.

As we are all faced with the prospect of trying to respect differing backgrounds, especially in the wake of recent events, this seems like a step backward. Today, we must learn to respect what each individual holds sacred, no matter their race or religion, if we are to survive in this world.

Hopefully, The Gazette can use more tasteful judgment in the future with humour that comes at the expense of cherished religious symbols.

Christy Celenza

Honours History II

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