Volume 95, Issue 91

Tuesday, March 26, 2002
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The Lush of Davis Avenue

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Guilty Pleasures


The New Prostitution


The Accident



The Photos Don't Say

Haiku #4

The Mountain

The Dream of Spring

For Weldon

Dana Taylor's Funeral

See this game?


I was cooking two eggs, sunny-side up and they were staring at me from the corner of the kitchen. When I listened really hard I noticed that they were laughing at me... I could tell just by their hissing. This made me really mad, so I grabbed a fork and beat their heads into the pan. This was my only act of violence for the day. I tried to be really polite and calm for the rest of the days so that no one would figure out what I did. I bought carrots and fruit and a bean bag dog. These things seemed like pretty calm things. I tried to whistle marching band songs, but I ended up spitting peices of carrot at a woman walking her dog inside of the mall. This was another act of violence so I was already over my limit. And since I was over my limit, I decided I didn't care anymore. I threw rocks at children playing dodge ball, and cans of dog food at cars driving by. I also threw a hammer at a no smoking sign and then I threw one at a smoker. It was a pretty violent day... so I decided to go back to the grocery store and buy calm groceries. I bought eggs...

–Kristen Atkinson

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