Volume 95, Issue 91

Tuesday, March 26, 2002
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Re: "Intramurally asking for it," Mar. 19

To the Editor:

There are several things that do not make sense in Jennifer Myers' letter. She sites that the facilities are overburdened.

Granted, they are during the regular season. However, after the first round of playoffs half the teams are eliminated, leaving ample availability for rescheduling. Also, Myers clearly quotes the intramural rescheduling policy.

In order to fulfill the requirements of that policy, a team would need to know they were playing that game two weeks before. The playoffs were scheduled so that games are sometimes played only two days apart, leaving less than a two week period to notify teams of possible problems.

I guess every team could assume they would win every game in the playoffs and then present a list of games to be rescheduled. I think that would be a scheduling nightmare and a little over-confident to assume you will always win.

John Kyle notified the co-ordinator of the problem the morning after we found out we would continue our playoff run. Kyle gave as much notice as possible and was only limited by the schedule itself.

Myers claims the intramural program is "flexible and sympathetic." I do not believe this to be true by their actions and policies – at least not in our case. After Kyle's complaint over our force forfeit, every playoff game was rescheduled without two weeks notice.

I guess the intramural program only follows it's policy some of the time.

Jonathan Welke

Engineering IV

Team Aquadrenaline Member

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