Volume 95, Issue 92

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
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JSU formal response to El-Hourani

Murder is the same no matter who commits it

Stick handling around the competition

Murder is the same no matter who commits it

Re: "Peace beats war, life beats death," Mar. 22

To the Editor:

Any rational and intelligent discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must take into account the fact that both sides are responsible for killing innocent civilians.

Murder is murder, no matter where the victims live or what religion they practice or what language they speak. Is an Israeli life more worthy of protection than a Palestinian life?

Not ever.

Do Palestinians have the right to murder Israelis in the name of fighting an occupying force? Not the last time I checked.

In my own life, if I attempt to solve a problem in a certain way and that way doesn't work, it doesn't take long for me to start looking for an alternative solution.

On many issues, including this one, world leaders insist on trying the same solution over and over and over, despite the fact that it not only doesn't work, but hundreds, even thousands, of people die as a result.

Peace will not even begin to be established until the Israeli military stops bulldozing homes and shooting up refugee camps. Peace will not come until the Palestinian leadership stops equating blowing up yourself and 20 civilians with martyrdom and a place in heaven.

Lindsay Viets

Psychology III

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