Volume 95, Issue 92

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
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Stick handling around the competition

Stick handling around the competition

To the Editor:

I just watched the Mustangs hockey team win the University Cup. No doubt, Stacey Britstone will go down in Mustang history as a hero for his overtime goal.

I think Britstone displayed his real heroism when he kicked the shit out of the Université du Québec ˆ Trois-Rivires players all game. For a championship team, the Mustangs really didn't play that well – we've all seen them play better this year.

What was impressive was the way Britstone took it to them all game. He single-handedly killed a penalty late in the third just to get them into overtime.

The line of Talbot, Dzieduszycki and Held played really well, but Stacey Britstone, dealing out monumental hits all game, is what won Western the title.

Congratulations to Stacey Britstone and Clark Singer (who is already the coach of the century) and all the Mustang players - a job well done!!!

Justin Rensby

Biology I

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