Volume 95, Issue 92
Wednesday, March 27, 2002
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DNA nets award for computer wiz

Although women may be under-represented in the computer science industry, they are still able to succeed and lead the way.

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"Outcasts" feel at home

While "The Outcasts" sign still hangs on their door, the first-year Western students who were assigned study rooms and lounges instead of traditional residence rooms are now singing a happier tune.

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"Snake lady" charms Western audience

As part of Environmental Awareness Week at Western, the "snake lady" charmed students with her exotic pets yesterday, while also providing information on increasing environmental awareness.

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Ladies shun the computer nerd lifestyle

According to a new study released by York University, women are turned off by the 'geek' culture of computer science.

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ŠNiru Somayajula/Gazette
EWWWWWWW! IS THAT ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE ICKY GIRLS BEHIND ME? Fourth-year health sciences student Chris Warne was all wrapped-up by emotion - and a snake - during the environmental fair held in the UCC on Tuesday.


Dig deep to find that Innerstate

"It's about digging deep within your soul and letting out what doesn't come out on a regular basis," says Lucy Di Santo, vocalist for Innerstate.

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The Mustangs' run to the University Cup final

Western hockey players are – no doubt – still basking in the glory of their triple over-time victory in the University Cup final last Sunday afternoon – and evening.

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