Volume 95, Issue 92

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
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JSU formal response to El-Hourani

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JSU formal response to El-Hourani

Re: "Why do Israelis vote Sharon," Mar. 19

To the Editor:

In response to Issam El-Hourani's letter, we would like to clarify some of the points that he mentioned.

First, he stated that the Israeli Government intends to "end peace." That could not be any farther from the truth. When your children are being killed in discotheques and pizzerias by so called "freedom fighters," the only thing you want is peace.

Ariel Sharon stated in his original platform that he would engage himself in peace talks with the Palestinian Authority after a week without any violence against Israelis.

Unfortunately, there has not been a week without violence so Sharon, instead of taking a hard line, amended his policies and currently is negotiating with the PA amid numerous terrorist attacks.

Second, the Israeli government is not the aggressor that El-Hourani makes it out to be. Israel's objective is to uproot the foundations of terrorist organizations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, something the Palestinian leadership has committed to in bilateral negotiations, but has not followed through with.

Finally, El-Hourani's assertion that the Israeli government is somehow responsible for the deaths of Israeli civilians is preposterous. This statement is ludicrous and counter-productive. As seen by the suicide bombing of a bus in Israel, it is the Palestinian extremists, those fringe groups that do not want peace with Israel, that are killing both Israeli Jews and Arabs.

The claim that Israel perpetrates acts of genocide and murder after having six million of our own slaughtered in the Holocaust is insulting and blatantly anti-Semitic. We, as a people, are very sensitive to the spirit and sanctity of human life.

We would like to end by saying that Israel is a cultured, civilized and democratic society. If the Israeli public does not want to have Ariel Sharon as prime minister, then it has the capability to elect a new government, as has been done so often in Israel's 54-year history.

Unfortunately, there are many surrounding countries that do not enjoy such a privilege and thus their people are not able to make the same choices about their leadership and their future.

Joshua Shuval, President, JSU
Paul Rakowski, President-Elect, JSU
Shael Fryer, VP-Community Relations-Elect, JSU

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