Volume 95, Issue 80

Wednesday, March 6, 2002
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Dreams? More like nightmares

Dreams? More like nightmares

Fieldy's Dreams
Rock N' Roll Gangster

Epic Records

One star (out of five)

The cover of Rock N' Roll Gangster – colourful tattoo artwork rendered in the style of neo-Modernistic thug – displays the stereotypical recipe for a gangster rap lifestyle: a couple of half-naked "hoochies," a nice "ride," champagne and enough "bling bling" (cash) and "ice" (jewelry) to go around.

Another surprise – Fieldy, the band's leader, seems to be engaged in some sort of orgiastic ritual in the plush environment that is the backseat of his automobile.

Fieldy's Dreams is a project spawned by the wet-dream idealism of Korn's bassist, Reginald Arvizu (a.k.a. Fieldy). Unfortunately, the trickle-down effect does not apply here – creativity and originality found on most of Korn's records do not make any appearance whatsoever on Rock N' Roll Gangster.

As the title suggests, Fieldy has tried to imitate a musical formula made famous by the Beastie Boys – whom could be considered the gods of white boy gangster rap. Sadly, Fieldy and the gang miss the mark by a fair margin and end up in the realm of crappola with Limp Bizkit and Crazy Town.

Rock N' Roll Gangster is nothing more than broken street-corner poetry verbalized to the tune of a few guitars and a turntable.

Evidence of Fieldy's lyrical genius can be found on the track "Child Vigilante," where he repeatedly chants "Sticky icky icky, put it in the air," an obviously fabricated wannabe Ebonics tag line.

Perhaps the only tracks that are, at best, bearable are "Cocky," "Rock N' Roll Gangster," "Munky Rage" and "Korn Gigglebox," all under 30-second arrangements in which Fieldy attempts to mix in beats, spoken word and turntable effects.

Rock N' Roll Gangster will at best flicker in the spotlight for a mere moment before falling to the wayside, once again becoming yet another of Fieldy's Dreams (pardon the pun).

–Robert Wong

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