Volume 95, Issue 80

Wednesday, March 6, 2002
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If you don't like my fire, don't come around

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If you don't like my fire, don't come around

To the Editor:

Once again our government's bleeding hearts have given into public pressure and gone ahead and banned smoking in London's restaurants.

I understand that, as a smoker myself, I have an extremely biased opinion, but I am sure as the next few days pass, The Spoke will realize the true consequences of this unjust by-law that has been imposed upon them.

Though their daytime crowd will not diminish due to the lack of options to the students (no one wants to pay $10 for a Harvey's hamburger), their night-time events will most definitely not draw the crowds that they used to.

Just ask Kitchener-Waterloo. There is a solution and it comes with two words – 'private' and 'establishment.' A private establishment is exempt from these new rules and can allow smoking in their restaurant/bar if they see fit.

How this works is, whenever the door staff is on duty (evenings), students would be required to show their student cards at the door proving that they are a member of this 'exclusive club.'

Annual club 'fees' have already been paid (University Students' Council fees) and a student can bring as many guests as they see fit, as long as they are signed in by a 'member' or present a 'Spoke Guest Pass.'

By doing this, The Spoke can be classified as a private club in the evenings and allow their clients to do whatever they want.

I'm sure that in the end, we smokers are beating a dead horse, but it's nice to hang on to that thin thread of hope that we may once again find refuge from the bombardment of anti-smoking campaigns by sitting back in our student bar and lighting one up.

Matt Wood

Civil Engineering III

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