Volume 95, Issue 80

Wednesday, March 6, 2002
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How about I burp all over ya

How about I burp all over ya

To the Editor:

This letter goes out to all of my nicotine-stained friends everywhere on campus. I sincerely empathize with the unfortunate situation that the City of London has bestowed upon you.

Imagine not being able to smoke while eating or enjoying a miscellaneous beverage. What a travesty.

Now imagine if you didn't smoke, but because you also enjoy the friendly confines of a campus bar, you have to put up with it. Not just the smoke mind you, but also the stench that seems to stick to your soul, or is it the butts that litter the front entrance of nearly every building at Western.

Smoking has been proven to be harmful to your health, yet you still think, "I can quit anytime I want," but the truth is, you cannot even go a couple of hours without a precious cigarette.

Stop trying to fool yourself.

It is really a matter of common courtesy? If I belched on you while you ate, would you appreciate that? No. So why ruin my meal by sparking up the first chance you get?

I'm so sorry you will all have to be inconvenienced by this law, as I now watch you from inside as you freeze your asses off and suck on that little cancer stick that gives you all so much pleasure.

I'm not sorry because it is your choice to smoke, it is not however my choice to breathe – I guess that is something you will have to put up with.

Jamy Brodt

Social Science I

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