Volume 95, Issue 80

Wednesday, March 6, 2002
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Fifteen seek seat on S.S. Sinal

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From the Editor

Fifteen seek seat on S.S. Sinal

USC VP-elections set for March 16

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

Just as the unbridled excitement of the University Students' Council presidential election started to wane, another pending election could rekindle the flame.

The all-candidates meeting for USC vice-presidential hopefuls took place Monday with 15 candidates battling for the top positions of VP-campus issues, VP-education, VP-finance, VP-student affairs. The campaigning period began at midnight.

Unlike the presidential election, USC VP elections are an internal process with the out-going and in-coming councils voting.

USC deputy speaker and election co-cordinator Chris Pang said most candidates already have their websites set up and authorization has already been given for many candidates' campaign material.

USC president-elect Chris Sinal commented on the differences between the presidential election and that of the vice-presidential hopefuls.

"The meat of the presidential election is getting out to as many people as possible to convey what you're about and to get out your information," Sinal said. "You're trying to talk to as many students as you can to get them to maybe vote for you."

In the VP election, Sinal said the candidates know the exact councillors they need to talk to and councillors are prepared to grill the candidates on their plans.

Tim Shortill, USC communications officer, agreed that the VP elections are more intense than the presidential election.

"Even though they are only campaigning to 120 people, interviews can run anywhere from half an hour to an hour," Shortill said, noting the campaign period is shorter than the presidential campaign period and two days shorter than last year's VP campaign. All together there are 11 campaign days.

"Council generally takes the responsibility to elect VPs very seriously and candidates really have to sell themselves," he said, also stressing the importance of the final speech on election day, Mar. 16, which he said can make or break a candidate.

USC VP Candidates

Campus Issues

Laurie Chambers
Forat El-sayed
Billeh Hamud
Lesley Morton
Nicole Nelson

Josh Morgan
Peter Paz

Eric Fortin
Michael Rudd
Dan Suranyi

Student Affairs
Andrew Bell
Darwish Chahbar
Lil Chieh
Dan Tolhurst
Dave Vaillancourt

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