Volume 95, Issue 81

Thursday, March 7, 2002
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Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream so I can take it to Charles McPhee

Nightmares and dreamscapes: Exorcising your personal bogeyman

Tidbits on dreams

Nudity, death, fire and pregnancy: A guide to common dream symbols

How to remember your dreams

How to remember your dreams

- Get more sleep. Spending more time horizontal will increase the number of dream cycles you are likely to experience. The average person experiences approximately one dream period every 90 minutes.

- Keep a dream journal. Record every little detail of your dream upon waking up, even if you can only remember small fragments of the dream in question.

- Before attempting to write down a dream, go over the dream in your mind. Do not move from the position in which you awoke or begin to think about the coming day's events.

- If you don't feel like writing out a long dream in the middle of the night, simply write some key points to jog your memory in the morning.

- If you sleep too deeply to wake up from dreams, try setting an alarm clock at approximately 90 minute intervals to correspond with your natural dream cycles.

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