Volume 95, Issue 81

Thursday, March 7, 2002
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USC and admin in soph bed battle

Ed. students denied class placements

In lieu of cock fighting, nerds turn to robot wars

Budget 2002/2003 -
USC targets $900k debt

USC Budget 2002/2003

Western left in the dark

Syphilis - Napoleon had it, now you can too

Cal-Berkeley sex classes included orgies

Globe's Gray talks journalism

USC Budget 2002/2003

Projected revenue from student fees for current year: $8,195,253

Proposed overall student fee increase for 2002/2003: 1.6 per cent

Projected revenue generated by increase: $395,012

Projected gains and losses for several USC operations and events:

Variety Store: $172,274
Used Book Store: $120,745
The Spoke Tavern: $117,845
Info/Source: $61,789
Artifex: $26,368
Post Office: $12,223
Homecoming: $10,282
Orientation week: $6,495
Western Film: $3,801

The Wave: $51,024
UCC Drop In Child Care Centre: $47,599
In Print: $14,040
Elections: $10,552

Where else does your money go?

Corporate Expenses (Salaries, benefits, capital expenditures, administrative costs, etc): $2,079,313
Entertainment Productions: $287,865
Media (The Gazette, CHRW, TV/Western and Westernizer): $269,352
Board of Directors (President, VPs, commissioners and committees): $266,639
Retail Service Operations: $172,687

Total projected USC surplus for current year: $93,035 ($31,306 more than expected)

Projected USC surplus for 2002/2003 year: $140,666

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