Volume 95, Issue 81

Thursday, March 7, 2002
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Not all altruism

Not all altruism

To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that few people seem to be aware of (or care to acknowledge) the true motive behind the behavior of the so-called deregulation protesters.

These student protesters claim to be working for the greater social good of all Ontario students, hoping to prevent tuition fees from becoming a hindrance to anyone's education.

What they fail to address is exactly who will be funding the incoming drove of second-handers disguised as university students. What will happen to international student fees? And what is the proper role of their government?

I deem it necessary to address these questions. Of course all taxpayers will pay – even those without potential beneficiaries.

Of course international fees, already set at over $10,000, will rise drastically. After all, international students would not be paying the necessary additional tax. Of course, the only proper role of a government is to protect individual rights.

A right is not a demand made by a leech of its host (or, as the case may be, a demand for cheap education by a group of self-proclaimed altruists on all other citizens).

No person has the right to demand sacrifice of another to himself. And, of course, what the protesters are preaching then is not a noble or lofty goal, but instead, a vicious abdication of the right to live for and by one's own sake.

Nothing could be further from the social justice these protesters purport to seek.

Carrie Burdzinski

Science Scholar's Electives I

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