Volume 95, Issue 81
Thursday, March 7, 2002
Lights out
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USC and admin in soph bed battle

Negotiations with administration over guaranteed residence beds for sophs are at a standstill and the University Students' Council spent last night's meeting pondering their next move.

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Ed. students denied class placements

One hundred and fifty student teachers at Western and hundreds more across the province have lost out on planned classroom placements in Catholic schools, due to a conflict between the Catholic teacher's union and the province.

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In lieu of cock fighting, nerds turn to robot wars

In the opening stage of last night's Robotic Olympiad, teams of students dressed in matching t-shirts methodically assembled multicoloured Lego pieces on the packed floor of The Wave.

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- Budget 2002/2003 -
USC targets $900k debt

Students will have to get prepared for another student fee increase, according to the University Students' Council budget tabled at last night's meeting.

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©Lauren Starr/Gazette
IT WAS BRILLIANT - A ROBOT FUELLED BY THEIR OWN SOCIAL AWKWARDNESS. (From left to right) Computer science students Tom Tigley, Branson Hua and Farhan Rizui are hard at work during the Robot Olympiad at the Wave Wednesday.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
so I can take it to Charles McPhee

While we're sleeping, our brain is trying to tell us something. The message might seem as incoherent as a rant by President George Dubya Bush, but with the right help, we can gain important insights into the language of our dreams.

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Winning the Queen's Cup will be a battle royale

The final, fantastic, fabulous – no matter what adjective you use to describe the four Ontario University Athletics hockey teams still standing, the point remains the same – it's time to get it on.

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