Volume 95, Issue 81

Thursday, March 7, 2002
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USC and admin in soph bed battle

By Jessica Leeder
Gazette Staff

Negotiations with administration over guaranteed residence beds for sophs are at a standstill and the University Students' Council spent last night's meeting pondering their next move.

USC VP-student affairs Wes Brown informed council that a proposal drafted by the body and submitted to the working committee on guaranteed beds for sophs – composed of both USC and administrative personnel – was struck down.

Currently, the guaranteed beds proposal stipulates that sophs must have and maintain a 65 per cent academic average to receive a residence bed.

While 113 beds will be reserved for "student leaders," that number includes residence council members, whether or not they choose to be sophs.

Council's recommendations included striking down the mandatory academic average component as well as adding a provision to the document that would see the 113 beds reserved just for sophs to guard against problems that may arise when council members do not want to be sophs.

In such a case, a council member's decision not to join a soph team would mean less room for sophs in on-campus residences.

Brown said Western's housing department will not budge on the proposal because they view it as within their purview to make final decisions about the terms of the soph housing agreement.

"We started this agreement as a partnership. They look at this like they're doing us a favour," said USC president Mike Lawless.

"They look at sophs who are in residence as if they are there by virtue of them being given the privilege of being there. We need direction from you," he said, urging the council to take a stance on what their next move should be.

Brown noted that the 65 per cent average component of the soph application may not bar a large number of sophs from residence. However, he said it could have a chilling effect on those who want to apply.

Scott Belton, undergraduate student representative for the Board of Governors appealed to council during debate, asking them to carefully consider whether or not they want to take on the university over the 65 per cent issue.

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