Volume 95, Issue 82

Friday, March 8, 2002
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The New Deal explains the demise of the mullet

Music is Chore's duty

Green faces at Tomato a rarity

Jordy needs fun pill

Shits and Giggles

The New Deal explains the demise of the mullet

The New Deal is swell.

In January, we spoke to bassist Dan Kurtz while he tinkered with a bunch of communications gadgets: palm pilots, computers, cell phones. Now it's March and we've made contact again.

This time, we talk to drummer Darren Shearer and the results are interesting. Fret not, an e-mail survey is like the door to one's soul. Here is what Shearer had to say about life.

Long live technology.

–Andrea Chiu


Darren, 28

Previous musical endeavours/bands/etc.?

A short stint with Pink Floyd in the late 60s and a very successful Klyzmer project in the mid-90s, then onto Gypsy Soul. Now I play house music.

Last CD you listened to all the way through?

Ian Pooley.

Dream musical collaboration partner?

David Bowie.

Favourite New Deal show?

Our upcoming show at The Wave this Saturday or NYC 02-22-02.

Ex-Thrush Hermit lead singer Joel Plaskett sells mesh baseball caps to his fans. What is your dream merchandizing item?

New Deal Thongs (for men).

If I had $1 million, the first thing I would buy is....

The Spoke, and turn it into an amateur wrestling arena.

The strangest thing you've eaten (or at least tried to)?

On a dare, once I ate a whole brown envelope.

Paper or plastic?

Plastic. (Paper cuts in "that area" are the worst).

Guilty pleasure?

Searching the Internet for naked pictures of "Angela" from Who's the Boss? They're out there –somewhere...

Pet peeve?

When I'm on tour and they forget to make my hashbrowns well done.

Where were you when the Canadian men's hockey team won the gold?

We won? Nice.

Favourite magazines/newspapers/publications?

The Yoga Journal, Adbusters, and...

Favourite section of the newspaper?

The classifieds, to look for a job after this whole New Deal train comes to a grinding halt.

Empire Records, Hi-Fidelity or Hardcore Logo?

Hardcore logo, although switch "Hugh what's his name" for Jack Black.

Favourite/least favourite childhood memory?

Coming to visit my friends' older brother in London, getting wasted at a Sigma Ki (sp?) kegger, barfing, then waking up, going to Campus Hi-Fi, and barfing again.

Why aren't mullets in style?

They get caught in chairlifts.

So, you like The New Deal, eh? We have passes for you, but you must earn them. Bring your best moves to The Gazette (Rm. 263 UCC) at 1 p.m. today and get your groove on for tickets to tomorrow night's show at The Wave. Doors open at 9 p.m. and everyone else can get their tickets at InfoSource or at the door for $8.

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