Volume 95, Issue 82

Friday, March 8, 2002
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The 65 per cent question

Admin, USC continue soph bed debate

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council's discussion about guaranteed residence beds for sophs ended late Wednesday night, but the fight between the USC and Western administration continues.

After an informal discussion on the current proposal – which has Western's Housing and Ancillary Services offering 113 guaranteed beds for sophs with some conditions – Education Students' Council president Joel Campbell brought forth a motion to defer the matter back to USC president Mike Lawless and VP-student affairs Wes Brown., who would be handle any further negotiations with administration.

An amendment by student senator Theo Tutkaluk instructed Brown and Lawless to express to housing the USC's disapproval with the negotiation process.

The current proposal states residence sophs must have a 65 per cent average to receive a guaranteed bed in residence. As well, executive residence council members would be included in the allocated soph numbers, a condition the USC is against.

"[Housing] is implementing Orientation week policy in a roundabout, backdoor way," Brown said, explaining it would be difficult for some sophs to meet the 65 per cent requirement.

Harshal Sheth, president of Medway-Sydenham Hall, said yesterday he was worried administration would try to raise the 65 per cent standard to 70 or 75 per cent in coming years.

"This is not an unreasonable standard," said Western's assistant director of residences Bob Gough, adding 65 per cent was already agreed upon by all parties involved as being acceptable for head sophs.

Lawless said being a great student leader is a combination of several factors, not just academics. "The USC has never felt that great leaders are chosen simply based on their academic average – it's the whole package," he said.

Negotiations will continue today at a meeting between Lawless, Brown and Western housing officials.

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