Volume 96, Issue 1

Thursday, May 23, 2002
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The lovely smell of fresh sawdust is in the air

By Kelly Marcella
Gazette Staff

Expansion and repairs continue to detour and re-route students and citizens as construction season has returned in full force to the London community and Western's campus.

The closing of the University Drive bridge for repairs has led to the re-routing of traffic and London Transit buses. According to John Ford, director of planning services for the London Transit Commission, only three routes have altered their paths to accomodate the closure – 6 Richmond, 13 Wellington and 29 Masonville.

"We haven't had any major problems. Operationally, in terms of buses, we seem to have been able to accommodate the changes," Ford said.

The bridge closure has prompted the City of London to adjust traffic signal times at two major intersections – Richmond and Windermere as well as Windermere and Western Roads – to prevent backlog of traffic, said Justin Lawrence, transportation design engineer for the City of London.

The bridge repairs project is set to have a completed cost of just under $1 million and is scheduled to be completed by September 2002, said Western's associate-VP of physical plant and capital planning, Dave Riddell.

On-campus bar The Spoke is also hoping to undergo renovations in the near future to improve food service, said Jeff Armour, The Wave manager.

"If people know they can get in there and out faster, more people will come," Armour said, noting that pending approval, The Spoke will be expanding kitchen facilities to improve the speed, quality and diversity of their menu.

Construction around campus continues in order to accommodate the double cohort students beginning to arrive this fall. The new residence building, across from Essex Hall on Western Rd., will include 445 beds and is scheduled to be completed by August 2003, Riddell said.

The nearby parking lot adjacent to Althouse College will add an additional 650 spots for motorists, he added.

In order to improve traffic flow on Western Rd. near Sarnia Road, the City of London will be adding a left-turn lane into the new residence, said Lawrence, adding that Western Rd. will be widened to four lanes between Elgin and Windermere Roads.

"It doesn't affect me," said third-year geography student Malaica Julien, noting the bus detours and campus construction do not bother her.

Along with these sites, Riddell noted that minor repairs on campus will continue throughout the summer, including the reparation of water lines and a design repair for Concrete Beach that has yet to be implemented.

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