Volume 96, Issue 1

Thursday, May 23, 2002
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Of peacocks and neanderthals

A different kind of love affair

A different kind of love affair

While most of my friends are complaining about how their new summer dresses haven't yet been debuted on Barney's patio, I'm hating this May weather for another reason.

I'm more concerned that my precious summer love is being neglected.

This "love" is not in reference to a new beau, but something much less complicated.

I don't want to use the phrase "I love to read" – it sounds too basic.

It's strange, but somewhat fascinating, how passionate I get about reading in the summer – not just passionate about the actual book, but the act of reading it.

Sitting on a patio, latte in one hand and a great book in another – how perfect.

My roommates and I recently went on vacation and afterwards, each could boast she read six to 10 books. I read one.

Rather than frantically reading to get to the final page, I do the opposite. I will re-read entire sentences or even chapters just because it makes me say "wow."

It's the shear simplicity of reading that I love and like any love someone has, it is key to make it last as long as possible.

I therefore plan out in detail how and where I will spend reading the last 10 to 30 pages of a good book. It is the end afterall and should be treated with respect – a grande latte and espresso brownie at Starbucks, at least.

Meanwhile, I'll look up at the people and cars going by me just to note to myself how good I have it at that moment – just sitting and reading.

However, once July comes, we're into 30 degree weather. While many would welcome such weather now, I have a car and a house with no air-conditioning and dread such a forecast.

To combat the heat, a couple of years ago I – going against any normal 20-something instinct – started going out on a patio by 7:30 a.m. to nurture my summer love in relatively comfortable weather. While this early morning rendez-vous at first only began because of the weather, I have come to see the early summer mornings as my favourite reading time.

This is where you enter Mother Nature. I'm sure students all over are begging you to heat things up, but my summer love cause is so much more worthy than a short skirt and a tube top.

You've kept me and my love apart long enough, almost to the point of torture.

Please go back to normal May weather and put my heart at ease.

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