Volume 96, Issue 1
Thursday, May 23, 2002
First Timers
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Western's new athletic model brings some tiers

Western's new athletic model represents a veritable food chain – while certain varsity teams will be enjoying a grand feast, others will be searching for scraps.

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Western loses zoning battle:
City vote hands developer coveted land

On Tuesday evening, a 16 to 3 vote by London's City Council threw a major hurdle at Western's proposed use of property at 217 Sarnia Road.

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Athletics fall was inevitable

Once upon a time athletes and coaches across the University of Western Ontario landscape participated in heated competition with full funding and support.

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The lovely smell of fresh sawdust is in the air

Expansion and repairs continue to detour and re-route students and citizens as construction season has returned in full force to the London community and Western's campus.

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Beth Kerim/Gazette
MAN WHY DO WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS BRIDGE WIDER WHEN EVERYONE AT THIS SCHOOL IS SO HELL-BENT ON BEING SKINNY? Men of the hard working sort continued to tinker with University Drive Bridge on Tuesday.


ęBeth Kerim/Gazette
"WITH THE MONEY WE'RE SAVING ON ATHLETICS WE CAN NOW AFFORD THESE STUNNING CARDBOARD POSTERS." Angelo Belcastro, dean of the faculty of health sciences, unveiled Western's new tiered athletic model last Thursday..

Jack Winn brings cosmic flare For the Art of It

Whenever Star Wars grips a country, countless critics will suggest you spend your time and money elsewhere. Here is one more critic with another suggestion.

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Formal complaint 'withdrawn'
Beaudry breaks confidentiality terms

Western VP-administration and general counsel Peter Mercer has thrown out former Mustang football centre Phillippe Beaudry's formal complaint against head coach Larry Haylor, claiming Beaudry broke a confidentiality agreement with the school's department of equity services.

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