Volume 96, Issue 2

Thursday, May 30, 2002
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Of beer and penises

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Of beer and penises

The Pub Guy

Disclaimer: Due to his toxin-lovin' nature, the Pub Guy is never fully sure of where he is. A variety of narcotics, nicotine and amber fluids flood through his system on a constant basis. While he may believe he was at a particular pub talking to the local drunks and compiling a review, he could just as easily have been at his friend Colin's apartment drinking anti-freeze and talking to a lampshade.

The pub: The Rose and Crown
Location: 580 Talbot Street

On tap: The Rose and Crown offers a wide variety of sweet, golden poisons. Their current roster includes Guinness, Strongbow, Moosehead, Boddington and Caffrey's. With taxes, an average pitcher of domestic brew sells for approximately $12. Personally, I find this relatively pricey – their pitchers seem to be of the smaller variety. This makes me angry.

The décor: The R&C is an old house that's been transformed into the local watering hole. Complete with outdoor patio, fireplace and ceiling fans, the walls of the R&C are a subdued, yet inviting red, providing a welcoming canopy for debauchery. Patrons could easily get the impression that they are in their friend's living room – however, while most people's friends would simply laugh at them if they were topless, speaking gibberish and curled up in a puddle of beer on the floor – at the R&C, they kick you out.

Bathroom graffiti: At the R&C, the available works of poetic genius include the intellectually stunning "killing's bad, saving's good" and the all-too-true "work is the curse of the drinking classes." However, the most impressive piece in the R&C bathroom is an artistic rendition of a giant penis who is coincidentally jerking-off his own smaller penis. The artist in question may not be Picasso, but I can't help but wonder if humanity is missing out on a reservoir of untapped brilliance.

Entertainment: Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the R&C is the variety of young entertainers who grace its small stage. Tucked away from the loud and intrusive madness of Richmond St., the R&C patio is also a great summer spot for conversation and good cheer.

The crowd: The antithesis of The Ceeps, the R&C tends to attract Western's eccentric and unique. Rarely will you find two individuals who walk the same walk, sing the same song or wear the same halter-top.

Pub Guy's judgment: Beer, good people, decent music – nice.

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