Volume 96, Issue 2

Thursday, May 30, 2002
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The Weekend rocks sweetly

The Weekend rocks sweetly

The Weekend
Teaser EP
Teenage USA

5 stars out of 5

It has been said that rock and roll is dead. Well, get ready for a second coming, because London's own power-pop quintet The Weekend is back with their second release. This five song disc is just what it claims to be – a teasing bit of insight into how well these local girls and boys can actually rock.

Punchy guitars are coupled with sugary vocal harmonies throughout the disc and the album starts off strong with the rock anthem "Bring It On." Teaser's first single, "Perfect World," is a love song that manages to kick ass in a wistful way.

The vocal harmonies between Andrea Wasse and Lorien Jones pick up where pop-punk bands like the Go-Gos and Plumtree left off, while Wasse's lyrics pleasantly walk the line between playful and personal. The music is consistently solid with layers of guitars sliding along vaguely new wave-ish keyboards.

The standout on the album is the hidden sixth track, beginning about a minute after track five fades out, in which jagged guitar work is layered over Wasse's teasing vocals.

The Weekend's sugary pop-punk sound may sound too sweet for some, but shiny, happy people who just want to grin and rock out will be all over Teaser EP.

–Maggie Wrobel

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