Volume 96, Issue 2
Thursday, May 30, 2002
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Butting Out
London moves toward total ban

A panel appointed by London City Council plans to implement a 100 per cent non-smoking ban in public places, including bars, bowling alleys and private clubs.

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Western rich in research

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council recently announced a $12.2 million infusion into the science and engineering faculties at Western as a result of their annual research grants competition.

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Southern kids winners, northern kids losers

With the recent release of an Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations report, universities in Northern Ontario are calling for increased government funding.

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Faculty association and university set to clash

The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association has filed a complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board citing unfair labour practices against the university's administration.

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ęBeth Kerim/Gazette
NOTHING SAYS SUMMER LIKE DEEP FRIED FOOD AND DEADLY ULTRA-VIOLET RAYS. Second-year nursing student Denise Krieger enjoyed both Tuesday on the patio of The Spoke.


Hobbit falls short of Grand

While attempting to ride the powerful wake created by the huge success of The Lord of The Rings movie, the Grand Theatre seems to have faltered.

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London is "Hooptown North America"

Clyde Adkin has tried the rest, but when it comes to hosting the three-on-three Gus Macker basketball tournament he knows what city does it best.

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