Volume 96, Issue 19
Tuesday October 1, 2002

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Drunk tank welcomes Western student

By Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

What do you get when you mix 30,000 students, seven days, cockroaches and a whole bunch of alcohol? A week of revelry on Western's campus.

This past week was not unlike any other, according to Const. Colleen Kelly of the University Police Department, as a series of petty thefts, driving infractions and drunken hooliganism once again plagued our fair school.

Several charges were laid for speeding, Kelly said, noting UPD is trying to reduce the amount of reckless drivers on campus.

"[UPD] sets the speed traps at times when there are lots of pedestrians on campus to let drivers know that they need to be a little more safe," Kelly added.

Along with driving infractions, there were also several drinking related charges laid on campus during the last week.

Two males were detained in front of Talbot College by UPD and taken downtown to spend the night at the London Police headquarters.

"[UPD] only takes drunks downtown if they are acting unruly," Kelly said.

Another male was charged with drinking underage this weekend. Reports say he was found stumbling around the Huron College parking lot asking where his mommy and daddy were.

This week's "Most Irresponsible Western Student" award goes to the student caught drinking and driving at the corner of Western Road and Elgin Drive. The driver was issued a 12 hour suspension for driving under the influence of alcohol and his car was confiscated.

A car was vandalized outside of Medway-Sydenham Hall residence at approximately 2:50 a.m. on Sunday, Kelly said. The owner of the vehicle returned to the car, only to find someone had hoisted a concrete garbage bin and smashed it onto the car's hood. There were no witnesses to the event, but Kelly urges anyone with information to contact UPD.

Petty thieves were able to make off with both a wallet and a laptop this past week.

The wallet was stolen last Thursday from a residence room in Saugeen-Maitland Hall.

The laptop was stolen from the University Community Centre. The victim said the computer was sitting at a table behind him and when he turned back from a conversation that lasted no more than two minutes it had disappeared, Kelly explained.

Intruders were spotted on campus this week. Cockroaches have been a minor problem at the Stevenson-Lawson Building, Dave Riddell, associate vice-president of physical plant, confirmed. The unruly critters apparently made off with a brick of Western President Paul Davenport's favourite French cheese as well as a bottle of red wine.


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