Volume 96, Issue 20
Wednesday October 2, 2002

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UCC TV junkies at a loss

By Jen Marshall
Gazette Writer

Passing by the door to TV Western, one may see the sign "TV Western is currently experiencing technical difficulties."

Early Sunday morning, a malfunction in TV Western's station was clear for all to see across the University Community Centre. Since then, TV Western has been unavailable to students on campus.

According to Mario Circelli, manager of TV Western and CHRW 94.7 FM, the distributing broadcaster located in the production studio has burned out, resulting in the station's technical problems.

Circelli said the broadcaster has been taken in for repairs, but there is no word yet as to their timeline for completion.

Aaron Andrews, technical director at TV Western, said the repair could be completed as early as the end of this week or could take up to two weeks. As a result, TV Western is unsure as to when they will be back on UCC television screens.

"It's an old piece of equipment, probably about 20 years old," Circelli said. Whether or not a new one will be purchased will be decided when estimates for the repair of the broadcaster are received, he added.

"I think in the short-term, TV Western will be missed," Circelli said. "A lot of the students get a lot of information from our shows."

Student reaction to TV Western's difficulties were mixed.

"I didn't know it was down," said Jessica Newton, a first-year media, information and technoculture student. "I didn't even know we had a TV station. It would be cool if we did though."

"I hadn't heard it was down yet," said third-year administrative and commercial studies student Mike Nakhla. "I enjoyed seeing it in the UCC. It's unfortunate it's down and I'd like to see it back ASAP."

Michael Rudd, University Students' Council's VP-finance, said all students who may be missing the programs on TV Western can tune in online by following the link at www.usc.uwo.ca.

"You can go to TV Western's Web site and watch the entire Homecoming football game, and also clips from the parade and Orientation Week," Rudd added.

According to Rudd, production is still rolling, and TV Western hopes to be broadcasting in the UCC again very soon.


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