Volume 96, Issue 7
Tuesday, September 10, 2002

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News Briefs

Shinerama turnout dim this year

Despite optimism surrounding the new door-to-door fundraising focus, Shinerama day's turnout – and gross donations – were down this year.

"The campaign was effectively organized and run, but the turnout was disappointing," commented Scott Makell, Shinerama commissioner.

The final gross donations haven't been tabulated yet, but Makell said the numbers were "significantly" down from last year. The number of canvassers fell to approximately 1,800 for 2002, down from 3,500 in 2001.

"I'm still trying to figure out what happened," Makell explained. "Spirit and effort were superior to years before. We had a few changes to work with, but we were very optimistic about the changes."

Despite the disappointment surrounding the off-campus Shinerama day, on-campus Orientation Week fundraising efforts shone.

"We're way ahead of past years," Makell remarked.

–Meredith Ferguson

Darth Vader, M.D.

Just when you thought technology had already taken over the world, another breakthrough is being made.

One of these breakthroughs is the near completion of the Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics facility in the new Legacy Research Pavilion, currently under construction at 339 Windemere Rd..

"CSTAR will mostly be a training facility where doctors from other locations can observe surgery and give input via use of video-conferencing and the Internet," said Crystal Watt, administrative assistant for the manager of CSTAR, which is part of the London Health Sciences Centre.

The facility features advanced forms of technology, including a surgical robot and a telesurgery-capable robotic arm which responds to voice commands.

CSTAR is both government and publicly funded and is expected to be operational by spring 2003.

–Jillian Van Acker

Three libraries are better than one

Returning students and faculty will be able to utilize a new library service this academic year.

Western, Huron University College and Brescia University College have created one catalogue containing all the resources from each facility, according to university librarian Joyce Garnett.

The partnership was completed this summer and will be available for students this academic year, Garnett said.

"We have compiled one catalogue among the three libraries to allow one stop shopping for all students," she added.

Students will be able to access all of the libraries' resources from any location, explained Garnett, adding early next year, the library at Kings College will also be added, completing the union of all affiliates and main campus.

–Derek Rhodenizer

It's not just Western that's a-changin'

Not only are campus libraries undergoing change, London's public libraries are on the move.

The Westmount branch of the London Public Library system is moving from its temporary location in Westmount Mall to a permanent home on Wonderland Road South and London's Central branch recently moved into Galleria London.

"The Westmount area has been waiting for a new library location for almost a decade," said Darrel Skidmore, chief executive officer of the London Public Library, adding the collection inside the library is also expanding dramatically.

–Paolo Zinatelli


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