Volume 96, Issue 8
Wednesday, September 11, 2002

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12 QUESTIONS with Carolyn Mark
Canadian Chicks rule!

By Maggie Wrobel
Gazette Staff

With fellow Canadian chanteuse Sarah Harmer's huge national success, it is a marvel that Victoria, BC's Carolyn Mark has been flying under the radar for as long as she has. However, with her new album Terrible Hostess and a national tour this fall, Mark is poised to catch the attention of many new ears with her twangy anthems. She spoke to The Gazette from a truck stop in Medicine Hat, Alberta to answer our "12 Questions."

1) How's the tour going so far?

Really well! We're actually in the rosy period right now because it's the beginning.

2) How are the reactions to your new record?

Really positive. CBC is playing it all the time! I'm really excited about it in general.

3) What's your favorite decade?

As far as decades go, the dresses were fabulous in the '30s because of the low-drop waists. I judge all the decades by dresses! (laughs)

4) What's your favorite decade in terms of music?

I really like the '50s and the early '60s. I love Patsy Cline and stuff like that.

5) Who's your favorite artist this decade?

Probably Liz Phair. I love her lyrics.

6) You've toured all over Canada. What's been your favorite place to play so far?

Definitely the Jane Bond in Waterloo. It's got great wine and great food and they don't rip you off!

7) What have you been listening to on the road?

Oh, we are definitely an oldies-station listening band! (laughs)

8) What's your favorite colour?

Red is definitely the best – in lipstick, in everything.

9) If you had to pick one artist who has influenced you the most in your career, who would it be?

Oh, no! Don't do that to me! I can't. That whole "desert island" idea, I can't deal with it. That answer would stay with me my whole life!

10) How do you feel about your career at this point in your life?

It's pretty good! It's better than it's ever been, actually.

11) Do you prefer happy music or the music of heartbreak?

When I'm seeing an artist live, I prefer happy music, but if I'm listening to music at home I'd probably pick the heartbreak music. And when I'm playing live, I definitely prefer up-tempo stuff.

12) How excited are you to play in London this weekend?

London and I have had a troubled relationship in the past, but I'm looking to turn over a new leaf there. I'm excited for that!

Carolyn Mark and her band, The Room-Mates, play The Gravity Club (355 1/2 Talbot St.) on Sunday, Sept. 15. Tickets are $6 at the door, which opens at 8 p.m.. The show is all ages.


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