Volume 96, Issue 9
Thursday September 12, 2002

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USC plots course
Good ship Sinal sets sail

By Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council have announced their initiatives for the coming school year, including a plan to increase the sense of community on campus, with an emphasis on the bond between academic communities.

"We need to build a sense of community in our academic circles so we can learn and grow together," said USC President Chris Sinal at last night's council meeting.

According to Sinal, a task force led by Erin McCloskey, a science councilor and the Women's Issues Network co-ordinator, will examine the social science faculty in order to determine what makes the social science community work effectively. It will then develop a strategy to help other faculties work as a stronger community, he explained.

Following Sinal's presentation, VP-campus issues Nicole Nelson discussed her strategies for increasing safety on campus, including better lighting on campus and at the affiliate colleges.

"We need to have some sort of committee to review campus safety on an ongoing basis," Nelson said, adding she would be looking into establishing such a committee in the coming weeks.

The Queer Services Peer Support Line was also introduced, which should get underway in October, she explained.

Josh Morgan, VP-education, introduced his plan to increase the visibility of Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, so that students at Western are aware of where their student fees are being spent.

He also discussed beginning a public awareness campaign in order to prepare students for the upcoming provincial election.

"[This program] will increase awareness on which issues students need to consider when they are voting," Morgan said.

Michael Rudd, VP-finance, also spoke at last night's meeting. One of his planned initiatives involved increasing the visibility of CHRW 94.7 FM and TV Western, by increasing their presence on campus and having TV Western broadcast live over the Internet.

VP-student affairs Lil Chieh, detailed her initiative to revise the Clubs Policy at Western, noting the current system is ill suited for Western's numerous clubs. In the policy, the rights and responsibilities of each club will be outlined, and a programming review committee will be set up in order to make sure clubs are abiding by the policy, she explained.


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