Volume 96, Issue 9
Thursday September 12, 2002

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Next stop: good eatin' at the Keg

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The Station Keg
664 Richmond St.

By Christopher Hodge
Gazette Staff

If there's one thing every warm blooded carnivore craves, it's a big juicy steak. The sirloin is sacred to most meat eaters and is the reason why most of us shun the idea of ever becoming vegetarians.

Having said this, where in London does one get a decent steak? Much closer to campus than you would think.

August saw the opening of a brand new Keg steak house on Richmond near Oxford Street. This is good news for all you carnivores and connoisseurs of cooked dead animal.

For those of you not familiar with The Keg, it is one of the most successful franchises around. They're starting to sprout up just about everywhere and are renowned for being a fine dining establishment with affordable prices.

The new Station Keg is located in what was once an old Canadian Pacific railway station. The building has been completely renovated – since the closing of The Shot (a popular bar until its closure in 2000) and a couple of other unsuccessful bar/club ventures – and the interior of the new restaurant is stunning. Modern portraits line the red walls and the booths have a cozy feel to them. The location is also wheelchair accessible.

The service is spectacular and, surprisingly, the trains which often rocket past the restaurant are not as disruptive as you might think, considering how close the restaurant is to the tracks.

For those looking to relax and have a casual drink, there is also a furnished bar and patio area where you can chill comfortably and sip from their wide variety of cocktails.

Ambiance aside, it is the food that is the most memorable aspect of the Station Keg experience. It's important, however, to remember that The Keg is a steak house (that is, after all, what the sign above the restaurant says in bright neon).

So vegetarians be warned – you may be limited in your choices if you are planning on dinning at The Keg. There are, however, a few items on the menu available for vegetarians, including fajitas and salads.

If you're looking for a full-course meal, the escargot is a fabulous starter for those craving something soaked in garlic butter. The warm goat cheese with roasted almonds is soft and ripe with a rich flavor and the house salad is an excellent choice to accompany any meal.

Appetizers range in price from $5.95 for the escargot to $4.95 for a house salad, and are respectively priced considering the size of the proportions.

The Keg's specialty is their steak, and it is here where the restaurant excels. There is a wide variety of steaks from which to choose, from the classic New York steak to something more exotic like the teriyaki sirloin. Each can be made to order in a variety of ways – whether you want it bloody or charred and crispy, The Keg will accommodate you. All steaks are reasonably priced, and range from $16.95 to $24.95.

Just make sure you save some room for dessert. The Billie Miner Pie (mocha ice cream served with thin slices of almonds and drenched in a rich fudge and caramel sauce) is highly recommended. Be sure to ask for two spoons, as one is often more than enough for two people.

Restaurants often come and go, but The Station Keg seems likely to remain a fixture at its new home on Richmond Street. Once you've dined there, you will be sure to agree.


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