Volume 96, Issue 9
Thursday September 12, 2002

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An ode to the Office

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Where's Chip?
Dale Wyatt
A&E Editor

A lot of things have come and gone in the last 10 years in our fair city. However, one important thing has remained.

For 10 years now, Call The Office has stood tall and proud on the corner of Clarence and York Streets. And although this building may go unnoticed to some, to others, like myself, it is a very special place.

For me it is home.

I remember my first concert at Call The Office. I was hanging out in my Grade 9 English class when I received word that The Headstones were going to be playing that night. When I got home I told my parents I was going to a friend's house, left, and hopped on a bus headed for the great unknown.

Upon entering the front door, for the first time of what would be many, I was completely overwhelmed with joy. Everything from the rough interior to the countless band pictures on the walls screamed rock 'n' roll. It was love at first sight.

I spent the entire concert near the front with my jaw hanging open and my eyes staring at the performers. By the end of the night, I had made a decision – I was going to be a rock star.

Since that first night, I have returned and seen tons of amazing bands play their hearts out night after night. And for that, I am truly thankful.

Now, 10 years after first opening their doors, Call the Office continues to attract great bands and great people. It is a place where anyone can go and feel comfortable; a place where I always feel safe. They may not yell my name every time I enter, but it always feels welcoming.

My next huge thrill came when my band was given a chance to play on the same stage as so many of my idols. My dream had come true. As you can imagine, I was both excited and nervous as hell.

Now I am blessed with the chance to play there about once a month. After playing in sleazy clubs all across this country, with all honesty, I can say that Call The Office is one of Canada's finest live venues.

This past Monday night I was lucky enough to partake in the bar's 10th anniversary bash and, oh, what a night it was.

The night was filled with laughter, speeches, food and booze – lots and lots of booze. And much like a typical night at Call The Office, no one went home without both a smile and a great memory.

Anyway, I wanted to take this moment to thank everyone involved with CTO for providing London with an amazing, one-of-a-kind place, as well as for giving me years of memories and for letting bands like mine get a chance to be heard. London needs you.

I look forward to the 20th anniversary bash, but I think I'm going to need the next 10 years to recover from this one.

I'll see you at the bar. Cheers.


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