Volume 96, Issue 9
Thursday September 12, 2002

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Snelgrove's the man with all the information

Niru Somayajula/Gazette

SNELGROVE IN - MOSER OUT. Brian Snelgrove (right, with Kim Moser), the new Sports Media Relations Officer at Western, will answer the age old question, "Did Western kick ass again?"

By Jordan Bell
Gazette Staff

They slave away in front of a computer all day, everyday and, yet, if you are not an athlete, coach or intimately involved with Western Mustangs athletics, you probably never knew they existed.

Brian Snelgrove has been hired as Western's new sports media relations director, assuming control from Kim Moser who formerly held the position. Moser departs today for York University to become the communications and promotions officer for athletics and recreation.

"I am delighted that Brian is taking on these responsibilities at a critical time in our season," said Dan Smith, Western director of sports and recreation.

Snelgrove brings an extensive background in sports to the post. He was a writer for Western News last year, a sports reporter for a newspaper for five years, publicity director for the Toronto Argonauts for two years and associate vice-chair of broadcasting for the 2001 Canada Summer Games in London.

All this experience is not lost on Moser, who said she expects Snelgrove will fill her shoes admirably.

"Brian has seen all the publications and information that we've put out," Moser said. "And now, it's his chance to do it. He knows the athletes, coaches and people around Western athletics – he will do a great job."

Snelgrove won't have much time to ease into his new job. As the sports media relations officer, it's his job to release every conceivable piece of information about Mustangs athletics, including results, events, athlete news and press releases. With many of the varsity teams on campus starting their fall seasons, Snelgrove will have his hands full.

Furthermore, Snelgrove will be seen at every home game – and some road games – pacing around the field of play and arranging athlete interviews with annoying sports reporters. There are many more responsibilities for Snelgrove (including fielding many calls from The Gazette), but there just isn't enough space in this article to spell them all out.

Keeping track of everything "Mustang" is not an easy task.

"If there is anything difficult about the position, it's just keeping tabs on 40 teams, 750 athletes, hundreds of coaches and keeping all the information up to date," Moser said.

Moser and Smith said they have faith in their rookie recruit. "Brian has superb skills and a great deal of experience in this area and I'm looking forward to working with him," Smith said.

Western athletics has always had a prestigious history. Snelgrove cited legendary athletes such as Don Getty, Ray Takahashi, Leslie Thompson and Peter Fowler as some of the greats and when asked about Western, he added, "[Western] has a fantastic history and tradition, from athletes, to coaches, to results," he said.

Editors note: The Gazette sports section would like to thank Kim Moser for all the assistance she has given us over the years.


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