Volume 96, Issue 10
Friday September 13, 2002

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Who is the best QB?
Gazette morons debate

By Jordan Bell, Ryan Hickman and Benjamin Mills
Gazette Staff

In lieu of the recent passing of former Baltimore Colts Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas, The Gazette's sports editors had a roundtable discussion on who was the greatest quarterback of all time.

Mills: Hands down, Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time. You can't argue with 31 come-from-behind wins, four Super Bowls (zero interceptions in those games) and two Super Bowl MVPs.

Bell: Montana played in the Bill Walsh west-coast offensive system with the greatest receiver of all time, Jerry Rice, hence the big numbers for him, and Steve Young. Hickman's drunk uncle Cletus could throw for 300 yards a game after a jug of moonshine with Rice catching passes for him.

Hickman: Uncle Cletus did have one hell of an arm. Brett Favre throws, runs, leads his team and is a down-home bad-ass. His numbers throwing and rushing don't lie, along with his Super Bowl ring and three MVPs. His ability to create something out of nothing is something Montana could never do.

Mills: Who was Green Bay's coach? Mike Holmgren. And what offense did he run? The west-coast offense.

Bell: It's early in his career, but you can't dismiss Kurt Warner. He may not run worth a lick, but he has a cannon and he has put up insane numbers already. The guy is going to break career passing records if he can stick in the league and heal his injured hand.

Hickman: Warner's an old man. It's a heartfelt story – but there's boat-loads of quarterbacks who are better than him. Let's not forget the distant past – Fran Tarkenton was a modern QB in former times. I know we ripped the 49ers' QBs, but Young's quarterback rating was the best of all time; he had a shitload of concussions and sat behind Montana for ages.

Mills: I agree on Young; his career was cut short. Bart Starr and Unitas were probably two of the best quarterbacks of their time.

Tait Simpson (surprise entrance): Jim Harbaugh. Period. Nobody beats him.

Bell: [Western Mustang and Gazette opinions editor] Tait Simpson has to be the greatest backup quarterback of all time.

Hickman: Billy Joe Hobert and Billy Joe Tolliver are both good ol'e boys who sound like they're from the south – two of my dogs from down in Dixie.

Bell: Dan Marino would've been the shit if he had won a Super Bowl and you have to love his performance in Ace Ventura.

Mills: Who won Super Bowl XIX against Marino and the Dolphins? Who was the quarterback of that team? Oh, that's right, it was none other than Joe Montana and the 49ers. Thank-you very much ladies and gentlemen.


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