Volume 96, Issue 11
Tuesday September 17, 2002

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TRAILER REVIEW: The Transporter

The trailer's not trash

The Transporter (the trailer)
Jason Statham, Qi Shu, Matt Schulze
Directed by: Corey Yuen
Opens: Oct. 11

By Brent Carpenter
Gazette Staff

Watching the uber-cool trailer for the new action flick The Transporter, one thing kept going through my mind: "Why the hell am I watching the trailer when the movie was scheduled to open last Friday?".

The answer, I discovered, is that Twentieth Century Fox was surprised by the amount of good word-of-mouth and early Internet buzz the film is receiving, and opted to delay it a month or so in hopes that spending a little extra on advertising will pay off greatly in the end.

They're probably right.

I first learned about The Transporter during finals last April. Like many of my peers, I was mindlessly surfing the net, doing anything and everything possible to avoid driving myself insane with tedious studying.

Somewhere in cyberspace, I came across a Web site outlining the premise for a movie about a man whose job is to deliver packages, no questions asked. One day, he makes the mistake of opening one of the packages.

His life is in danger (he broke the rules – you must never open a package), and basic survival quickly becomes his only goal.

It sounded interesting and was certainly no sillier than a movie about – take a breath – an extreme sports athlete recruited by a shady government organization to foil some vile and stereotypical piece of Euro-trash's plan to take over the world (yes, I'm talking about XXX).

Furthermore, it is written by Luc Besson, the French creator of the international smash hit La Femme Nikita and The Professional, perhaps one of the most underrated action movies ever.

This past summer I was visiting a friend in New York, who happens to be the head of public relations for Twentieth Century Fox and she offered me a peek at the new, yet-to-be-released trailer.

While a good trailer doesn't guarantee a good film, it sure as hell isn't a bad start.

The movie stars relative newcomer Jason Statham (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch) as our hero, Frank Martin. Statham combines an icy-cool British wit with a "don't fuck with me" look, leaving no doubt this will be his breakout film.

His mode of transportation is a BMW (sure beats a Fed Ex truck), and the action involves everything from rocket-launchers to axes to a flying female protagonist (you have to view the trailer to know what I mean).

The Transporter is by no means an "event film," and perhaps this is a blessing. The term "event film" in the action genre refers to an over-hyped, out-of-the-can, mega-budgeted, cookie-cutter Hollywood crapfest.

Whatever happened to the classic, balls-to-the-wall, action spectacular, in which the story is built around an exciting premise, rather than an egotistical movie star?

Well, we may have found the answer in The Transporter. On Oct. 11, we shall see – that is if they actually release it this time.

So, if you have a minute and a half to spare, or you're just procrastinating and need something to do, check the trailer out at



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